Essential Oil – Oily Skin 15ML



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(The use of Essential Oils in Aromatheraphy)

Aromatheraphy is a wholesome, natural and thoroughly pleasurable way to deal with the body’s
aches and pains, discomfort and stress.

Aromatheraphy is the use of Essential Oils and
massage to promote health and vitality. These essences are highly concentrated, aromatic and
volatile substances extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, roots, herbs, seeds and tree bark resin.

Essential Oils act quickly and are easily absorbed through the skin and into the body. Although
they can remain in the body for two to three hours, they can trigger off a healing process which
may continue for days or even weeks.

Essential Oils are highly concentrated and should not be
applied directly to the skin. They should be diluted in a cold pressed vegetable or seed based oil.

Instructions :
Apply blended essential massage oil to the body and massage.

Oily Skin Essential Oil (Face) Blend of :
– Geranium
– Eucalyptus
– Lemon
– Sweet Almond Oil

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